My Name is Roey Azroel, and I’m working for VMware Inc. as a Systems Engineer.

As part of the daily work in VMware, I deal with a lot of diverse technologies, but mostly Cloud Management & Cloud Ops projects.

My goal is to bring the knowledge and experience I am gaining from the field, and to share this knowledge, because I believe that one of the most powerful forces that VMware has is the community.

I’ll try to bring some cool ideas and use cases that I learn on the go, and of course some troubleshooting tips and tricks.

I really like feedback! So please feel free to leave a comment or even send an email to razroel@vmware.com.

Enjoy Reading!

Important Note: This is not an official VMware Inc. blog! Everything in this blog is my personal opinion based on my personal experience, not an official statement of VMware Inc.


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